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What you choose to hang on your walls is a very personal statement. Some people enjoy an elaborate or opulent framing style while others, paricularly artists, desire clean, classic matting and framing. We work to find the right solution for each individual's wants and needs.

Framing is both an art and a science. There are colour and stylistic choices and then there are issues of conservation and the science of acidity and ph to consider, if required. We have identified the best suppliers of museum conservation materials in North America and will recommend the right materials to preserve the value of our customers' treasures.

We have worked with interior decorators, sometimes incorporating their uphostery or drapery fabrics for a custom look. We have experience in the icredibly finicky job of mounting needlework creations and we have designed a special "faux box" to frame keepsakes, such as a pocket watch, which might require occasional handling or use.

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